Journal History

JETLEE (Journal of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature) stands as an esteemed academic/peer-reviewed journal, fostering intellectual exchange and scholarly exploration in the realm of English Language Teaching (ELT), linguistics, and literature. JETLEE, a scholarly publication, is affiliated with the English Education Department of the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training of Institut Agama Islam Negeri Lhokseumawe. JETLEE's dedication to academic discourse is reflected in its biannual publication schedule. Our journal graces the academic world with thought-provoking and illuminating content in the months of February and August, a testament to our unwavering commitment to promoting scholarly dialogue and the sharing of knowledge.

A Commitment to Scholarly Advancement: Established in 2020, JETLEE has been steadfastly committed to advancing research and knowledge within the realms of second or foreign language studies, with a particular focus on English Language Teaching. Our journal serves as a comprehensive repository of insights, theories, research findings, methodologies, and materials, all aimed at enriching language learning and teaching practices.

Nurturing the Academic Community: At the heart of our mission lies the aim to nurture a dynamic community of both practitioners and researchers. JETLEE harmoniously bridges the gap between theoretical exploration and practical implementation. By offering a platform that resonates with educators in the field, our journal facilitates the establishment of a strong connection between pedagogical theory and classroom practice.

A Spectrum of Contributions: JETLEE's scope is all-encompassing, welcoming contributions from a diverse range of topics within ELT, linguistics, and literature. From research inquiries that shed light on language acquisition to examinations of innovative teaching methodologies, our journal serves as a comprehensive reservoir of insights for both seasoned educators and budding researchers.

JETLEE serves as an intellectual haven where academia, practice, and research converge. With a dedication to advancing language education, fostering scholarly connections, and facilitating the interplay between theory and practice, our journal continues to illuminate the path toward excellence in English Language Teaching, linguistics, and literature.


JETLEE Editorial Team