About the Journal

JETLEE: Journal of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature is a peer-reviewes journal published by English Education Department, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, State Islamic Institute of Lhokseumawe. he journal is devoted to research in the fields of second or foreign language, as well as English Language Teaching, encompassing literature and linguistics. The Journal offers open access information and ideas about language learning and teaching theories, research, methods, and materials. The journal publishes twice a year in February and August. The Journal welcomes contributions that take account of both practitioners and researchers' shared professional interests to establish a connection between theory and practices.

Further, the collaboration between a journal and a lecturers' association can be a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes scholarship, research, and professional development in the field of education. In this case, the journal has established a partnership with the English Lecturers' Association (ELITE), which is dedicated to advancing the fields of English language, linguistics, and teaching in Indonesian Islamic institutions. By working together, the journal and ELITE aim to provide high-quality articles and publications that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

As part of this collaboration, the journal offers peer-review and editing services to  who are submitting articles for publication. This process helps to ensure that the articles meet the rigorous standards of the journal and that they are of the highest quality possible. The peer-review process also provides valuable feedback to the authors, which they can use to refine their work and improve their research. Additionally, the editing services provided by the journal help to ensure that the articles are well-written, clear, and easy to understand, which is essential for effective communication of research findings.

Through this collaboration, the journal and ELITE are able to foster a community of scholars and practitioners who are committed to advancing the fields of English language, linguistics, and teaching. By providing high-quality articles and publications, they are able to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of educational practices in Indonesia and beyond. Overall, this collaboration is an excellent example of how partnerships between journals and professional associations can promote excellence in research and education.