Focus and Scope

Saree: Research in Gender Studies is a scholarly journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of gender issues through rigorous research and analysis. The journal welcomes submissions that explore various aspects of gender studies from interdisciplinary perspectives. Key areas of focus include but are not limited to:

1. Gender inequality and social justice: Investigating the root causes, manifestations, and consequences of gender-based disparities in access to resources, opportunities, and rights.

2. Intersectionality: Exploring the intersections of gender with other axes of identity, such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability, and religion, and their implications for individuals and communities.

3. Feminist theories and methodologies: Critically examining feminist theories and methodologies and their applicability in addressing contemporary gender issues.

4. Gender-based violence: Analyzing various forms of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination, and exploring strategies for prevention and intervention.

5. Gender and culture: Investigating the role of culture, tradition, and social norms in shaping gender roles, expectations, and practices, and their impacts on individuals and societies.

6. Gender and representation: Examining representations of gender in media, literature, arts, and popular culture, and their influence on perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

7. Gender and health: Exploring gender disparities in health outcomes, access to healthcare, and experiences of illness, and investigating the social, cultural, and structural factors underlying these disparities.

8. Gender and work: Analyzing gender dynamics in the workplace, including issues related to pay equity, occupational segregation, work-life balance, and discrimination.

9. Gender and education: Investigating gender disparities in educational access, achievement, and outcomes, and exploring strategies for promoting gender equality in education.