The journal focuses its scope on the issues of Islamic Education Management. We invite scientists, scholars, researchers, as well as professionals in the field of Islamic Education Management in Southeast Asia to publish their researches in our Journal. The journal publishes high quality empirical and theoretical research covering all aspects of Islamic Education Management.

  1. Analysis of Education Policy;
  2. Curriculum and Innovation Learning;
  3. Management Information System;
  4. Islamic Education and Social Transformation;
  5. Islamic Leadership;
  6. Innovation and Change Management;
  7. Leadership Style;
  8. Learning Organization;
  9. Organizational Behavior;
  10. Organizational Conflict;
  11. Organizational Effectiveness;
  12. Pesantren Management;
  13. Philosophy of Islamic Education Management;
  14. Public Relation in Education;
  15. School Accreditation;
  16. School Based Management;
  17. Sustainability Development;
  18. Total Quality Management in Education;

With articles that have primary citations and have never been published online or in print before. Every article submitted before being published will go through the Plagiarism Check process through the Turnitin tool and Mendeley. If major plagiarism is indicated, the manuscript will be rejected for publication.