The Jeskape Journal is a distinguished and highly respected publication that offers an extensive and thorough examination of the latest developments in the fields of Islamic economics, accounting, and banking. Through its comprehensive analysis, the Journal provides valuable insights into the key issues and challenges facing these critical sectors, and offers thought-provoking perspectives on how they can be addressed. Whether you are a scholar, researcher, or practitioner in these fields, the Jeskape Journal is an essential resource for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging best practices.

The journal is committed to publishing research that is based on strong empirical evidence, as well as results-focused case studies that highlight best practices and product development in the field. Jeskape follows a multidisciplinary approach that provides a holistic view of Islamic Economics, Accounting, and Banking practices.

The journal aims to inform and educate practitioners, policymakers, and academics in these two related fields. Furthermore, Jeskape also encourages emerging authors to submit their work, adding a fresh and innovative perspective to the discourse.

JESKaPe accepts original works which are the results of research, including:

  • Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Public Economics
  • Islamic Monetary Economics
  • Islamic Business Economics
  • Islamic International Economics
  • Islamic Development Economics
  • Islamic Accounting
  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Banking Information Systems
  • Islamic Banking Audit
  • Islamic Banking Management
  • Islamic Banking Liquidity Management
  • Islamic Banking Ethics
  • Marketing Management of Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Finance
  • Cash Waqf