Peer Review

  • Editors select reviewers who are ready to work, have integrity and commitment, know and comply with all AT TIJARAH regulations, avoid conflicts of interest, and are experts in the field according to the text being examined.
  • Reviews are conducted as a form of evaluation of the research results carried out by other people in the same field to maintain or improve the quality of writings in that field.
  • Reviews are conducted by at least 2 reviewers. If there is an imbalance in the assessment of the 2 reviewers, it can be reviewed again by the third reviewer.
  • Reviews should be based on considerations of objectivity and be impartial, non-exclusive, unbiased personally and professionally.
  • Reviews must be confidential, comments must be polite and able to withstand public scrutiny.
  • Reviewers have the right to refuse to conduct a review for articles deemed to have indications of plagiarism. Hence before submitting, writers must avoid duplicate publication by searching for references related to the manuscript.
  • Reviewers remain anonymous.
  • Every manuscript will go through double blind review process.