Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to journal of Ash-shudur will be read by one of the Editorial Team. Manuscripts that are evaluated and considered inaccurate rejected or returned without external evaluation whereas the document that is regarded as potential and engaging to the reader will be sent to two expert editors through a double-blind review mechanism. The editor will decide based on the evaluation results of one of four categories (rejected, significant revisions, minor revisions, and accepted) recommended by the Expert Editor.
Decisions, related to the manuscript published in journal Ash-shudur, are entirely the right of the Editor.

  1. Evaluation Process:
    The author submits the manuscript online through the journal of da'wah studies and Islamic society website at the link.
  2. The evaluation of the Editorial Team or desk review, including plagiarism test, reference accuracy, and conformity with the focus and scope of the journal.
  3. A double-blind peer review process to an Expert Editor.
    The decision of the Editor based on the corrected text.
  4. Proofread
  5. Confirm to the author.